Announcement About YDL 181/183 Make-up Exam
In the 2019-2020 academic year, YDL 183, one of the compulsory common courses offered through real distance education, is monitored and online-based on the make-up exams of the School of Foreign Languages building on January 20, 2020 between 17.00-19.00. Lab-101, Lab-114, Lab- 201 will be held. Students are required to come to the School of Foreign Languages on the specified date and time and take the exam at the places indicated. Before the relevant exam date, general information about the exam will be given to the students via the web page In addition, the fall semester make-up exams of YDL 181 - YDL 183 - FOL 183 courses, which are compulsory courses offered through distance education, will be conducted unattended, distance and online based on the date and time indicated above. Students are kindly requested to follow the web address for all announcements related to courses and exams.