The vision of our faculty is to become a research institution possessing developed organizational connections with the national and international science and technology world and the industry, a strong institutional identity and culture, which gives education in equivalence with similar faculties of national and international qualified universities. So as to actualize our mission, we aim to become a respected and approved faculty serving its country, consistently updating its research, development, instruction and education infrastructure, having academic staff who prioritize research, modern science and technology along with life-long learning and instruction. The lesson plans and contents of our Faculty of Technology have been developed in according with the needs  of the Turkish industry, taking into account the principles of competent engineering (MUDEK- Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Programs) and Europe (Erasmus-Socrates) and USA (ABET) education programs.

Our mission is to train social and creative engineers who are fit for teamwork, responsible and sensitive to environment, can successfully take part in design, production, application and research-development studies of industrial and research institutions, possess a systematical approach in solving problems, have leader characteristics and conscience for economical and professional ethics by giving universally theoretical and practical bachelors and master education and on-the-job training in accordance with the ideals of Ataturk, modern and ethical values, crediting the superiority of law; to find solutions to the problems of the national industry by conducting research which produces information and technology in international level.