Academic Staff Entrusting Form
Entrusting Form

Expenditure Circular prepared for the purpose of effective, economical and efficient use of the appropriations allocated to our University, ensuring compliance with the expenditure procedures and establishing the integrity of implementation among our expenditure units (2016/ 1) It was implemented with the approval of the Rector's Office dated 04.04.2016 and no. 59267567-010.99/269689 and the supplementary assignment form has been put into practice for temporary duty path payments.
When the assignment forms attached to the payment document submitted to our Strategy Development Department were examined, it was seen that there were information deficiencies in the forms and that the rights holders were victimized due to deficiencies.
In line with the problems encountered in the assignment forms, the form has been rearranged and put into practice. The new form given in the link should be used in the case of assignments.