Announcement About AIT181 Lesson General Exam
In the 2019-2020 academic year, the final exams of Atatürk's Principles and History of Turkish Revolution (AİT181) course, which is one of the compulsory common courses offered through distance education, will be conducted unattended, distance and online. The examination sessions to be held on 05 January 2020 are as indicated in the first table of the appendix; In addition, in the second table in the annex, detailed course combinations are available, and according to the information in the table, students are required to take the exam at the specified date and time with which department they take the AIT course. For the students who have not taken the exam due to any excuse on 05 January 2020, an additional session will be given on 06 January 2020 between 19:00 and 20:00. Before the relevant exam date, students will be provided with general information about the exam session links and the exam via the website. en / web address.

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